• The hilarity continues! Following up on the first book, Boredom Never Dies, Funny in the Field is a compilation of comic strips featuring the foolish whims of Ace the Scarecrow, the snarky comments from Drake the Bat, and questions from the Marooned alien, Al. Full color, and great for all ages. This is a fun book to laugh the stress away.
  • Outer Field--Boredom Never Dies! is a compilation of comic strips detailing the life of a scarecrow named Ace Crow. He often hangs out with his best friend Drake--a bat that suffers from insomnia. To complicate things more, they are also visited by an Alien named Al. Al crashed onto Ace's field and is biding his time until technology gets to a point where he can repair his ship and head home. Outer Field offers a family-friendly,and funny perspective on everyday life situations.

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