Hello Cat!

This comic is totally based on my house cat, Jyn Erso. She is a runt, pretty small, but packs a deadly punch. She prefers to be outside exploring and hunting. Recently I happened upon her “trophy room”. This room consisted of multiple animal carcasses. I threw up in my mouth a little bit when I found it, but Jyn seems to enjoy being a jungle cat, so who am I to judge. To date, she has killed three birds (maybe 4), a bunny, mole or mouse (couldn’t tell exactly), and a frog. Even though she’s a deadly assassin kitty, I still enjoy her company.

Technically Speaking

I create my comic using Sketchbook Pro. They recently went to a free model (which is pretty cool). I decided to switch to the version designed for Windows 10 tablets. I like it, but am use to the desktop version so there are things missing in the tablet version that I wish were there. But, I can get things done pretty quickly with the tablet version, so I’m not complaining too badly.

Also, I am streaming my drawings on twitch. You can catch it here. You can also read my comics on Reddit or Twitter.

As always, thanks for reading my comic strips! Hopefully someone in the internet ether enjoys this. I know I enjoy making these (when I can).