Escaping Confinement by Voluntary Confinement


I find it ironic that we leave our routine based on some feeling of confinement only to voluntarily confine ourselves to additional small spaces on our journey to our vacation destination. Once there, this also means that we are confined to a much smaller hotel room than we are used to, and even confining ourselves to small spaces while on vacation (like waiting in line for a ride at Disney).

Technically Speaking

I experimented with Twitch a while ago. I really liked it, but I had some severe lag issues on my stream. This didn’t make for a great experience. Perhaps in the future I’ll try again once I get some hardware that will deal with the lag issues. I was also thinking of trying some animaion, but that may be a pipe dream. I have a lot of great ideas, but time is not on my side recently.

In Other News

I’ve been watching a lot of art tutorials on YouTube recently. There are so many great artists out there, it is truly inspiring. I’ve been learning a lot, but haven’t incorporated the things I have learned into my comics (since the style would be quite different). That said, I feel that it has helped to learn some new things.

As always, thanks for reading my comic strips! Hopefully someone in the internet ether enjoys this. I know I enjoy making these (when I can).