Before you eat that Shredded Wheat Cereal, make sure it is frosted!


This is based on a true experience that I had trying to eat healthy. I’m a fan of shredded wheat cereal, so I thought it would be fine to try the shredded wheat that was less sugary. That was a huge mistake. As I mentioned in my tweet on this a couple of weeks ago, “FYI, eating shredded wheat plain without the frosted part is a mistake and will always be a mistake.” So, learn from my mistake and when you are tempted to try shredded wheat without the sugary stuff, think again and don’t to it. It isn’t worth the perpetual taste of cardboard that you will have in your mouth for the next few hours.

 In other news

I missed the deadline for the Graphix contest. I’ll have to try again next year if they decide to hold the contest. There are a lot of great works produced by Graphix, some of which I follow on line.

If you want to see how this comic was made, you can rewatch the broadcast I did on Twitch.