Keep Mint Where it Belongs!

I recognize that I am in the minority here, but I am not a fan of mint being mixed with certain other items. One of which is chocolate. This is much to the dismay of my family as they are a fan of anything and everything with that ingredient in it. I am the opposite. The only thing mint should be found in is toothpaste, gum, and breath mints.

Absolute Mint Corrupts Absolutely.

The worst is when mint gets mixed in with other non-mint items. It naturally follows that those other items end up having a mint after taste. That is why I strictly enforce treat partitions. Basically, if an item has mint in it, then it should be separated by an impenetrable barrier so as not to taint anything else innocently sitting next to it.

Thanks to enormity that is the internet, there is support for folks like me. Just a random search “Mint Chocolate Hate Groups” yielded some great results. One of which is this blog that supports my position. There are plenty of other rants that are out there, this was just the top one.

Be A Friend, Bag the Mint.

But, don’t be offended by my position. If you like the vomit-inducing combo, by all means, buy all the thin mints and mint chocolate that you want. Just respect others and separate the minty items from other goodies. People as palette-specific like me would appreciate it. Consider this a public-service-announcement on behalf of all mint haters.

As a side note, my position is not supported by anyone else in my family. So, they will happily enjoy any chocolate mint coming their way. So feel free to drop off goodies on their tortured behalf since they don’t really get to enjoy it that often.

In Other News. . .

I can’t believe it is Christmas already. The year has passed by way too fast. Although I have finally settled on a layout for my website, it took way too long for that to happen. Also, the hiatus from publishing my comic strip was longer than anticipated. But, it is great to be back in the swing of things, even if it did happen to be at the end of the year. Hopefully 2017 will be a bit better.

If you are ever curious to see how I make my comic strips, you can to to my channel on and check it out. I’m still trying to figure all the logistics that is required for streaming, so it may not be that great for right now. But, it is something that I enjoy doing, and since I’m drawing anyway, might as well stream it for those that are curious. While I am still trying to figure out a schedule for that, if you follow me on Twitter, that is your best way of getting notified that I am online streaming (or you could also follow me on Twitch if you have an account).

Thanks for reading.