Valentine PSA: Gift with Caution!

Some comics are based on personal experiences. For this particular comic, it is based on my misguided attempt to giving my wife a present (not for Valentine’s day). I thought I was being good in getting something that she mentioned three months ago. But, on second thought, I realize that was a mistake. So, when it comes to buying gifts for someone special, stay away from the kitchen utensils — even if they mentioned that they needed a particular utensil. It doesn’t make for a good gift ever. Trust me on this one.

Technically Speaking

On another note, I replaced my Surface Pro 3 with a Surface Pro 4. I like it well enough, but in installing the program I use to create my comics, I forgot to adjust the resolution. So, if you try printing this comic, it may come out a bit pixelated. Sorry for that. Subsequent comics will be at a better resolution.

Hope this comic inspires you to be careful on picking out a gift for your Valentine (as it is only a couple weeks away now). The only thing worse than giving a kitchen utensil is forgetting about it all together. Don’t do that either!

In Other News

Graphix is hosting a book contest. I’m thinking about “trying out” for it. I think I can scrape together a 12-page treatment for a book containing my Outer Field characters. Not sure what that story will be, but hopefully I can think of something in the two months left that I have to create it 🙂

Gags, I can do. Crafting a well-thought-out story is a bit different. I’m not sure if I can swing it. But, something worth trying I suppose.

As always, thanks for reading my comic strips! Hopefully someone in the internet ether enjoys this. I know I enjoy making these (when I can).