Budget Tips from Outer Field!


Have you ever tried to budget, but find yourself overspending in a certain category? Do you have too many categories in your budget to successfully manage it? Skip all the hassle and follow our fool-proof method for creating a zero-sum budget. Get out a piece of paper and write the following category: Miscellaneous. Now just add all your money to that category and you are done! You will always be following your budget, you will never overspend, and your life will be better for it.

Just kidding, this comic strip was inspired by a recent class I was in where we discussed the finer points of creating a budget. Since I’m not good at budgeting, I figured Ace the scarecrow wouldn’t be either. So, this is how I figured he would budget if he were in my shoes. I thought it was pretty clever, although I’m not too happy with the dialogue. Oh well.

But for real, if you are looking for a legitimate help for creating a budget (why would you be looking here?). I’d recommend going through something like Dave Ramsey’s course as it makes the most sense on a financial level. I don’t agree with everything he is saying, but he’s worth a bajillion and I’m not; so there’s that.

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In Other News

With the help of my editor in chief, also known as my wife, I think I have a good idea for my submission for the Graphix novel contest. I’m giving it the title, ¬†“Outer Field – From the Beginning”. Obviously from the title it is going to be the origin story for each of the main characters in my strip. Big thanks to my wife for sparking the original idea. Really, she should be writing this stuff rather than me. It is good to have her as such a super fan.